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Kernel development setup with Vagrant

12 minute read

Developing the Linux kernel is cumbersome, starting from the very beginning. Typical development cycle of writing, compiling, deploying1, testing, debugging,...

Emacs can spreadsheets

3 minute read

Emacs is famously powerful editor. Its org-mode can be used for work logs, literate programming, or even spreadsheets. In this post I want to outline a speci...


Linux kernel debugging

4 minute read

Sometimes you think the only way to solve your problem is to debug the kernel over serial console. At least, this happened to be the case for me this week. H...

End of liberalism

3 minute read

I’m about to finish reading “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari. One of the ideas the author brings up is that because of advance in computer algorithms, an AI ...

What are bots?

8 minute read

Recently I watched a presentation from the last CCC called “Social Bots, Fake News und Filterblasen”. The presentation was give by a data journalist Michael ...


No more loops

1 minute read

I like writing in R and often I do vizualisations using ggplot2. I often have a need to generate a multi-page PDF document from several disjoint groups in a ...